Fall 2020: Five Fashion Trends

Fashion doesn’t stop because we live in a Covid-19 world. We might be stuck in the house or we might be wearing masks, still: seasons are changing and with them, so does fashion.

Here are the trends for fall 2020, to look great on Zoom calls, to feel stylish while working from home, and to make that one night out count.


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What’s more fall than the warm blanket your grandmother knitted for you? Wearing it, of course! The patchwork trend is not for everyone and it often takes time to fully appreciate it. Sometimes, it looks like a clumsy seamstress knitted together different and random pieces of covers and duvets. Fashion brands have taken an old tradition and they turned it modern. Once, patchwork was a way of using up scraps of fabrics or of extending the working life of clothing. Now, it is a fashion brand.


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If patchwork is about patterns and shapes (sometimes random), this fashion trend for the fall 2020 is about shine. Sometimes the clothes are so shiny, they are blinding. The metallica trend is for attention seekers. If you are a metallic amateur, we suggest starting from one, specific item. For example a jacket or a blazer, something that doesn’t scream commitment. You can even start with a dress for a night out, to see how you feel. For a less sparkly look, pair it with neutral-colored shoes.

Capes Above It All

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Out with the jackets, in with the capes. Batman made this clothing item famous, moving it into the air, before jumping off a roof. Well, the cape is back in the 202’ fall fashion trends, in every imaginable color and fabric. During runaways, stylist have showcased bright-colored capes, grey capes, and all black, Zorro’s style. Capes easily substitute the jacket, since they can be worn above sweaters, shirts, dresses, and jeans. There are no limits to the cape trend. If you want to be the 2020 fall fashion ambassador, wear a patchwork cape and there, you have won.

The 80s Are Back

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Since 2020 hasn’t been polite nor friendly, fashion has decided to reclaim the 80s. Biker shorts, puffy sleeves, taffeta, hair bows, and plaids: fashion brands have looked at the past. Sometimes that is not always wise, especially when it comes to shoulder pads. But we are all in for the neon and the leather jackets. The houndstooth print is an open debate, is it stylish or just grandma’s skirt? Fashion in the 80s was a mix of colors and of bold combinations, a contemporary way to make smart working more cheerful.


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Leather is more than a jacket. The 2020 fall fashion trend includes jumpsuits, skirts, and pants. It is not your typical black leather either. This fall, leather can be purple, bronze, or orange. It is not only one piece either, sometimes it is a whole outfit. From the tip of the hair, to the toenails, everything is leather. The coat, the skirt, the handbag, and even the boots. Leather is the alternative to patchwork; it’s the trend for the bold fashionistas, those who go skin deep.

As the seasons change, fashion choose fall nuances, the colors of the woods and of the pumpkin patches. Without renouncing a touch of shine and vanity. Which of these five is your favorite fall 2020 trend?

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