Covid-19 Is it The End?

The world just stopped, forcing us to stop.
As the earth needs it. Maybe, just maybe, we also needed it. To stop everything we’re doing (wrong) to be still, to rest, to listen, to learn.

Today, watching the world as it is changing; let’s remember the signals, is it time? Are WE now required to change? Or is it too late ?

If it’s the end, then so be it, let’s stop panicking; as Muslims (or Jews or Christians, or theists or believers) we are to always be ready to go back to God.

If it is a new beginning, & beginnings are full of hope, let’s reimagine a new world, without our past mistakes.

#pollution #foodwaste #globalisation #individualism #goingfast #stress #healing #malenewchoices #listen

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