40 Fanny Packs Street Outfit Ideas

The ‘90s have returned – a minimum of when it involves fashion. From dungarees to flannel, chokers and combat boots, trends that we waved goodbye to within the noughties are re-emerging on catwalks and shop windows everywhere. But perhaps none have taken us all of sudden quite just like the waist pack .

That’s right. like it or hate it, the bum bag is back.

Luckily, the 2020 version of this functional yet controversial accessory has little in common with the brilliant plastic monstrosities flaunted by flocks of tourists within the ‘90s. Instead, such legends of fashion as Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton have taken it upon themselves to place the waist pack back on the design radar and make it shine.

If you’ve been eyeing the design in magazines and on fashion mavens this season, but aren’t quite sure if you’ll pull it off, we show you ways to form it look good – nay, glam.

Practical, Functional, Historical

You already know that a well-chosen accessory has the facility to rework any everyday outfit into something fabulous. This, too, goes for the waist pack , which has been modernised to satisfy the taste of even the foremost demanding fashionista. On top of their recent high-fashion makeover, there’s the very fact that belt bags are undeniably useful: it’s a hands-free thanks to carry all of your essentials without lugging around a backpack or fumbling with a handbag . Plus, they’re comfortable to wear and sometimes gender-neutral. That’s right, guys: this trend’s for you, too.

Belt bags are so functional, in fact, that humans are carrying them since time out of mind – from Ötzi the Iceman’s calfskin belt pouch, to Ancient Roman coin purses, Native American buffalo-hide bags and therefore the Scottish sporran.Eventually the widespread practice of stitching pockets into clothing saw such bags fall out of fashion for a couple of centuries, until they began emerging on ski slopes within the 1950 and ’60s. By the ‘80s and ‘90s, a fashion craze for everything “athleisure” had made the waist pack an important on both the sidewalk and catwalk, with designers like Chanel and Diane Von Furstenberg giving their own takes on the favored accessory.

A Modern Accessory

Though the first heyday of the waist pack was characterised by cheap plastic buckle-on atrocities in bright crayon colours, today’s styles can actually be worn as a trendy accessory that lends sophistication to an outfit.
Yes, we said sophistication. Today, the waist pack sheds its sporty reputation to don a more elegant aesthetic within the sort of chic bags hooked to leather or chain belts, with quilted textures and in diminutive sizes.

Are you able to bid your regular handbag farewell?

40 Fanny Packs Street Outfit Ideas

How To Wear It

For Beginners: Stay Neutral

If you’re wary of whether or not you’ll achieve this bold new trend, then it’s best to choose a waist pack during a neutral tone like black, white or beige, or choose a timeless material like leather in brown. This way, you won’t have trouble harmonising with the remainder of your outfit – it’ll accompany almost anything. 

Where To Wear?

Sling it around your hips for a devil-may-care vibe, or accentuate your slimmest point by securing it around your waist. As for the bag itself, you’ll centre it within the middle of your body or push it slightly to at least one side for a more chic touch. If you’re feeling particularly rebellious, wear it sort of a late ‘90s skater: sideways across your chest, over the highest of your sweater or jacket.

Pair With Jeans

There’s little question that an honest pair of jeans is that the ideal complement for almost any sort of accessory. within the case of belt bags, you can wear them around your hips or waist, using the belt loops of your jeans an equivalent way you’d a true belt. Simple and practical.

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Go Femme

If you thought belt bags could only be combined with trousers or jeans, we’ve got good news: they appear fabulous with dresses and skirts. Take a spin on Pinterest or Instagram to ascertain how the influencers du jour are pairing belt bags with beautifully light dresses and midi skirts, especially with cute patterns like florals or animal prints.

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Speaking Of Prints…

If you’re keen on twiddling with fashion and creating new outfits, then a press release waist pack during a lively pattern is simply what you would like . choose the prints of the instant , from watercolour, to animal print, florals and checks. this may in fact be a stand-out accessory, so we recommend you mix it with garments in additional neutral colours so as to let the bag take centre stage.

Shine Bright

Not into prints, but don’t want to travel for traditional black? Choose a waist pack during a bold colour like pink, red, green, turquoise, blue or yellow. this may lend a cheerful touch to any casual look.

Professional Polish

Belt bags at the office? Sure, why not! this is often a flexible accessory, and if you choose a waist pack with a classy aesthetic, there’s no reason to banish it from your work wardrobe. Keep it relatively small, choose demure colours and wear it tight around your waist. Pair with a pointy blazer and obtain able to lean in.

Didn’t think you’d pull it off before but changed your mind now?

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